Research papers on h5n1

The epidemic that killed Pericles: These new isolates caused acute disease, including severe neurological dysfunction and death in ducks.

To introduce random mutations into the globular head of the VN HA protein, a amino-acid region spanning residues H3 numbering was selected.

Like classification, censorship would give too much weight to harm prevention and not enough weight to sharing important information with scientists and public health officials.

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Mitigation plans may include modifying the research, applying enhanced biosecurity or biosafety measures to the research, evaluating medical countermeasures such as treatments or vaccines to reduce harms related to the research, reviewing emerging findings concerning the research, and determining how to communicate research results responsibly with respect to venue, mode, distribution, and timing.

Key details that would enable someone to make a bioweapon would be removed from the publication, but the overall results of the research would be made available to responsible scientists and public health officials. Ethics and Human Research. However, the disease has continued to spread; outbreaks were reported in Asia again in N lies on the turn leading into the loop, adjacent to position Fig.

Was the probability of full publication leading to substantial harm 0.

Talking about H5N1 Research

In fact, censorship would only draw more media attention to the harmful potential of the research. The values that clearly favor publication include advancing scientific knowledge and respecting freedom of inquiry and scientific openness.

The plates were kept at room temperature and haemagglutination was assessed after a 1-h incubation. Analyzing a Bioterror Attack on the Food Supply: More information about flu antiviral drugs is available at Treatment — Antiviral Drugs.

The risks and benefits of influenza H5N1 research

If the organization is an agency of the U. The foregoing discussion supports the view that policy-makers and scientists should have used the precautionary principle, rather than traditional risk-benefit reasoning, for making decisions about publishing the H5N1 papers.

Perspectives, Conundrums, and Global Solutions. But we often lack sufficient evidence even to make an educated guess, and educated guesses are susceptible to bias. Their argument for this conclusion rests on two assumptions: For example, CDC studies where these viruses spread, how they spread, who gets infections, and what kinds of illness they cause.

Research on Zoonotic (Animal Origin) Influenza (Flu) Viruses of Public Health Concern

However, no evidence suggests that the person responsible for these attacks made use of papers published in the scientific literature to develop his weapon. From this point on, avian flu experts increasingly referred to containment as a strategy that can delay, but not ultimately prevent, a future avian flu pandemic.

Scientists were concerned that FOIA requests could be used by competitors or private companies to gain access to preliminary data or to interfere with research.

Influenza pandemic "The United States is collaborating closely with eight international organizations, including the World Health Organization WHOthe Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAOthe World Organization for Animal Health OIEand 88 foreign governments to address the situation through planning, greater monitoring, and full transparency in reporting and investigating avian influenza occurrences.

The neuraminidase inhibitors are drugs designed to bind to the neuraminidase protein on the surface of a flu virus to prevent the virus from replicating in the host.

Avian Influenza

For example, in February and September the U. Nature— Reassortment between avian H5N1 and human H3N2 influenza viruses in ferrets: This category of virus has produced numerous different strains over the past few centuries. H5N1 is different from all previously known highly pathogenic avian flu viruses in its ability to be spread by animals other than poultry.

Government National Security Decision Directive The NSABB also reportedly received additional information about the public health value of research, the practical and legal problems with redacted publication, and the likelihood that the research could be used to develop a bioweapon.Research Papers words | ( pages) | Preview Influenza, Avian Influenza, and the Impacts of Past and Looming Pandemics - Influenza, Avian Influenza, and the Impacts of Past and Looming Pandemics Avian influenza is a disease that has been wreaking havoc on human populations since the 16th century.

Research on Zoonotic (Animal Origin) Influenza (Flu) Viruses of Public Health Concern

View Avian Influenza Research Papers on for free. The risks and benefits of influenza H5N1 research. For example, one of the benefits of influenza H5N1 research is to understand what regulates aerosol transmission of the virus.

It is without doubt an important question, but whether or not research will provide an answer is unknown.

Flu Researcher Ron Fouchier Loses Legal Fight Over H5N1 Studies

*Without having read the papers. The two research teams tinkered genetically with H5N1 to produce two new strains that are transmissible in ferrets and thus potentially transmissible in humans. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1, also and his research appeared in a special issue of the journal Science devoted to H5N1.

The papers by Fouchier and Kawaoka conclude that it is entirely possible that a natural chain of mutations Billions of U.S. dollars are being raised and spent to research H5N1 and prepare for a potential.

The H5N1 Controversy. In Decemberthe National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity reviewed the disputed papers at the request of the National Institutes of Health, which had funded the research.

Research papers on h5n1
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