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If it is observed closely there are many other stakeholders involved that will eventually decide about the fate of this drug.

Metabical Case

This is definitely an impressive comparative advantage. All the patients who have access to internet can find all the relevant information.

Consumers pay for the value and will be willing to pay if they see positive results with Metabical but if price is set too high, consumers will choose a cheaper alternative and not use Metabical.

However, there is risk to this one-month packaging whereby there will be no guarantee that the consumers will complete the entire treatment.

Under this option, we have a target market that are educated and are willing Metabical essay spend money on prescribed weight loss drug. This also reduces costs for consumers since a package of pills for 12 weeks would be too expensive for most consumers.

Printup calculate costs associated with Metabical and she needed a price that was enough to cover its costs while generating profits for the company.

Furthermore, being known as the only prescription drug with FDA approval and clinical results to back up weight-loss claims will definitely attract a lot more customers and steady demand in the future.

Before the beginning of the television advertising campaign, I would have magazine ads placed in various health and trade magazines. This viral marketing involves internet sales, social network such as facebook, twitter and blogs in order to create buzz for Metabical.

Who is involved in the decision making process? These criteria make our segmented market measurable, meaningful, and marketable which in turns makes it a viable segment.

I want to be healthier? If we lowered the price, it will affect the brand image of our exclusive product in the target market.

Their promotions by television or radio is a non-interactive one since it is not possible for the buyer to interact with. However, placing enough Metabical pills for a week program would deem costly for most individuals and automatically be dismissed if the individual felt it was too expensive.

Metabical Marketing Positioning Strategy Essay Sample

However, setting the price too high would not be a good idea because exhibit 1 tells us that the buyers of this drug would most likely have lesser income.

We will utilize print ads in leading medical publications journal of the American medical association and interactive ads adjacent to online physician resource information PDR.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. In addition to these events there are some deceptive marketing campaigns.

It suggests that there are six steps from viewing a product advertisement to product purchase. In addition to these events there are some deceptive marketing campaigns. Alli was approved by FDA but still 30 cases of severe levels were caused by Alli. A healthy marketing campaign aimed towards men would be a good idea as well: More essays like this: The current weight-loss options did not capitalize on such market so Metabical had a good opportunity to excel in.

Printup would decide the marketing and public relation strategies to push the drug in the market. It must also be well stated in the pamphlets and flyers which they are distributing.

Metabical Case Study

The majority of trial participants reached their weight-loss goals by week The issue with these supplements was that they negative side affects were not discovered until after the product was widely in use.

The professional life of an overweight individual could also be negatively affected, as excess weight has been found to adversely influence, hiring decisions, wages, and promotions. The disadvantage with this pricing strategy is that it is difficult for a new product to enter the market and generate sales with an expensive pricing.

Would you change the marketing budget or the IMC mix? Since Metabical is not effective for people with higher than 30 BMI, taking this drug is not recommended for them.

Metabical Case

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. It can also be triggered by external media sources such as TV, Outdoor, Radio or Magazine advertisements whereby a variety different visuals, articles, messages can lead to consumer awareness that there is a problem, and a need, that must be satisfied.

Throughout print ads and health-care supporters all the become can get informed of the release of the new drug. This contest is unique in the world of drug industry.

Metabical Consumers Essay Sample

Segmentation by age illustrates that middle-aged and older individuals are more likely to think about their health and weight issues. We will write a custom essay sample on Metabical: However, the problem with this approach is that it is so specific; it limits the possibility of reaching out to other markets.

Even though the twelve- Metabical essay supply package will enable the customers to complete the twelve- week cycle without dropping out, it does limit the potential customers to only hose who can afford the entire medication program with one-time pay.Free Essay: METABICAL CASE STUDY REPORT INTRODUCTION Excess weight had become a big crisis in the US, affecting about 65% of the adult population leading to.

Metabical Essay Sample. The hierarchy of effect (HOE) is a marketing communication model. It suggests that there are six steps from viewing a product advertisement to product purchase. Metabical Case Section B Group4 Essay Words | 5 Pages Metabical Case: Pricing, Packaging and Demand Forecasting Case Brief Demand Forecasting Packaging and Count Decision Pricing Strategy Introduction of new weight loss drugMetabical What is the expected demand?

Metabical Essay pricing the Metabical at $ for 1 months supply, with this price Metabical will be able to achieve their objective to enter $ billion market for weight control products in the United states and more than 5% ROI within 5 years.

Free Essay: Mai Nguyen New Product Planning Professor Patton 3/5/14 Metabical: Pricing, Packaging, and Demand Forecasting for a New Weight-Loss Drug Case 1. Metabical, on the other hand, was a dual layer, controlled release formulation.

It acted as an appetite suppressant and also had a fat blocker and calorie absorption agent. The over-all product was far superior in achieving weight-loss, over its competitors, for over weight indiciduals but not for obese and severely obsess individuals.

Metabical essay
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