Employee motivation in low income earning

It is largely dependent on the work done and thus determined by the employer. A similar pattern of results emerged when the authors carried out group-level or between-sample comparisons.

But what are other benefits and perks that employees and job candidates really want—and that companies without Amazon-like profits can afford? If the subject company has a poor working conditions and a not so pleasant environment, this would kill the natural abilities of people to perform.

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Thus Maslow proposed the third level of needs: Theories behind this include: Educated women and low mortality rate for children equals a smaller family and more self-centered people.

One could limit differentials when one has to consider just what sort of differential would be both fair and appropriate. They rely too heavily on financial rewards, underestimating the importance of intrinsic motivation.

These effects were particularly strong when the tasks were interesting or enjoyable rather than boring or meaningless. In fact, research suggests that even if we let people decide how much they should earn, they would probably not enjoy their job more.

And this shows the relevance of such an issue in nowadays business world. This employee is more likely to be satisfied with his job and not feel the need to look for a similar position with better pay.

However, when employees are focused on external rewards, the effects of intrinsic motives on engagement are significantly diminished.


The amounts earned include fringe benefits and are median incomes in each occupation, which means that in each age group half earn more and half earn less. Thomas Malthusin his book An Essay on the Principle of Populationproposed that greater means higher income would enable the production of more offspring a higher fertility rate.

Get the incentives right, and people will be motivated to perform better, resulting in better performance for the firm. So what does the overall picture look like? Our intrinsic interest in a task can be overshadowed by a strong incentive, which convinces us that we are working for the incentive.

This may be witnessed due to the different human, psychological, social and cultural backgrounds of employees.

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Contests and themed days are well-received in some workplaces. This tends to be a haphazard trial and error way of working and some of the snags are often not appreciated.

Loan money to a lower-income spouse to make an investment. Only after his basic needs are met, will he focus on realizing his self esteem and his self actualization, thus he will go the extra mile to perform effectively in order to achieve now his growing needs for achievement and for power.

Despite the overwhelming number of laboratory experiments carried out to evaluate this argument — known as the over justification effect — there is still no consensus about the degree to which higher pay may demotivate.Our research demonstrated that low-income employees use about half the preventive services than higher-earning colleagues.

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One of the drivers for this is that the low-wage workers are penalized if they leave work to seek healthcare. As a member, you'll also get unlimited access to over 75, lessons in math, English, science, history, and more. Plus, get practice tests, quizzes, and personalized coaching to help you succeed.

employee motivation may not be successful if there is a weak link between job performance and an employee’s efforts. Early management theories, such as Frederick W. Taylor’s Scientific Management Theory suggested using financial compensation to impel motivation and.

proper gender discrimination policy within an organization help to attain increase employee performance, motivation and satisfaction (Abbas, Athar, Herani, ). income provision and that involvement in paid work is their chief life pursuit (Haas and Hwang, ).

low pay is a reflection of the lower esteem in which so-called female. An employee has been told that he will be eligible for a large bonus if his current project is a success. He knows that the project will take a lot of work and effort, but believes he can reach success.

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Employee motivation in low income earning
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