Desolate is a synonyms of deserted

I then googled the book references, and all I could find were summaries by other editors about the book. What should be there that is not there? The island referred to was inhabited with 'wild men'. A tract, which may be capable of sustaining a population, but has been left unoccupied and uncultivated; a wilderness; a solitary place.

We are the reference for the other publications and web dictionaries that call an uninhibited island, a desert island. All your children shall be taught by Jehovah, and great shall be the peace of your posterity.


So, there you have it. Requested moves - is there something else I should do? Respectfully, Pocketthis talk Festival of the Sahara, a four-day celebration of traditional desert culture The present article is inaccurate, needs re-titling and a re-edit.

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Desert or deserted condition; desolation. At Leiden, Utrecht, Groningen, Franeker, Breda, Nimeguen, Harderwyk, Duisburg and Herborn, and at the Catholic university of Louvain, Cartesianism was warmly expounded and defended in seats of learning, of which many are now left desolate, and by adherents whose writings have for the most part long lost interest for any but the antiquary.

You ignorami do know what those words mean, I am certain of that. Poor wretch, tempest-tossed and disconsolate! Something that is deserved or merited, especially a punishment. Poor wretch, tempest-tossed and disconsolate! As far as I can tell, your edit had no effect on the rendered page.

A deserving; that which makes one deserving of reward or punishment; merit or demerit; good conferred, or evil inflicted, which merits an equivalent return: Abandoned, deserted, or uninhabited; usually of a place.

To leave anything that depends on one's presence to survive, exist, or succeedespecially when contrary to a promise or obligation; to abandon; to forsake.

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There isn't an encyclopedia on the planet that could cite this article. I still disagree with the validity of the terminology, but must admit that it seems to be used as often now as deserted, even if its origins were used to describe an actual stark sand island in literature, and then was adapted incorrectly to refer to tropical, or deserted islands, only further research will tell.

Existing, living, or going without others; alone I promise you that "lazy" English is to blame for the original misnomer. To forsake one's duty or post, especially to be absent without leave from the armed forces with no intention of returning. A desert is defined not by temperature but by the sparse amount of water found in a region.

To quit a service or post without permission; run away:Short "hint" Deserted. Watch out! You may see this word with another pronunciation and its meaning is then different.

Used as an adjective, listen here, it means: as a verb, listen here, it means: To lay waste or devastate.! for more are the children of the desolate than the children of the married wife, saith the Lord. The children of the deserted wife [that’s the one who is now received back, Compassion is actually a synonym of covenant.

So the covenant idea is all the way through this chapter. desolate (v.).

Meaning of

1. cause extensive destruction or ruin utterly "The enemy lay waste to the countryside after the invasion" 2. reduce in population "The epidemic depopulated the countryside" 3. leave someone who needs or counts on you; leave in the lurch "The mother deserted her children"  · Wilson said kindly: "Why, my boy, you look desolate." Babylon will be left desolate without a single inhabitant.

The desolate wilderness is bounded only by the distant Red Speak and write with confidence. To help you avoid using the same word too repetitively, redundantly, recurrently, incessantly, etc., etc. Why synonyms can be useful. words associated with abandoned Synonyms of abandoned derelict:: abandoned especially by the owner or occupant derelict warehouses deserted:: arid land with usually sparse vegetation d deserted a desolate abandoned town.

disused:: no longer used or occupied: abandoned.

Desolate is a synonyms of deserted
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